Title Date published
"Safer Products" - Research for the FSCP by David Severn 01/11/10
Additional evidence to the Kay Review 27/04/12
Annual Report 2007-2008 01/06/08
Annual Report 2008-2009 01/06/09
Annual Report 2009-2010 01/06/10
Annual Report 2010-2011 01/06/11
Annual Report 2011-2012 01/06/12
Annual Report 2012-2013 01/06/13
Annual Report 2013-2014 01/06/14
Annual Report 2014-2015 30/06/15
Annual Report 2015-2016 14/07/16
Annual Report 2017-2018 08/08/18
Annual Report 2018-2019 29/07/19
Annual Report 2019-2020 27/07/20
Annual Report: 2016-2017 25/07/17
Annuitisation Process and Consumer Detriment 01/10/10
Article by Adam Phillips for Macro: Why “honestly, fairly and professionally” could become a byword for providers 01/07/12
Article by Adam Phillips for the CII on general insurance 25/04/13
Article by Kay Blair: March FS Focus - How financially capable are we? 01/03/12
Assessment of CCA and FSMA 01/01/12
BBA/EFMA Conference on Future of Financial Services 10/06/14
Brexit position paper 23/02/17
Briefing on the Financial Services Bill 01/06/12
Briefing on the Financial Services Bill - Lords Report Stage 02/11/12
Call for Evidence: EU regulatory framework for financial services 29/01/16
Chairman's Foreword to Safer Products report 01/11/10
Comparative analysis of CCA and FSMA with annexes 01/01/12
Consenting adults? consumers sharing their financial data 19/04/18
Consultation Response: CP 17/22 Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) implementation: draft authorisation and reporting forms 18/08/17
Consultation Response: FCA Retirement Outcome Review - Terms of Reference 02/09/16
Consultation Response: Consumer Credit - Proposed Changes to Rules and Guidance 15/6 06/05/15
Consultation Reponse: Insurance Distribution Directive Implementation - Consultation I 13/06/17
Consultation Response Implementation of the EU payment accounts directive 04/08/15
Consultation Response Update: CMA Retail Banking Market Investigation: further information from the Consumer Panel 29/01/16
Consultation Response: 'Loyalty penalty' super-complaint 15/10/18
Consultation Response: 19/18 Overdraft Pricing Remedies & Competition Remedies 05/08/19
Consultation Response: ABI Consultation on simplifying language on retirement options 21/06/16
Consultation Response: Access to Basic Retail Financial Services 09/02/17
Consultation Response: Access to Cash Review's call for evidence 28/09/18
Consultation Response: Access to Insurance: Call for Input 19/09/17
Consultation Response: Advising on Pension transfers Consultation 22/09/17
Consultation Response: Asset Management Market Study, Interim Report 23/02/17
Consultation Response: Authorised push payment fraud - extending the jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service 27/09/18
Consultation Response: Banking Standards Board consultation on "what do good banking outcomes look like to consumers?" 26/01/18
Consultation Response: Better workplace pensions: Banning member-borne commission in occupational pension schemes 01/12/15
Consultation Response: Breathing space scheme: consultation on a policy proposal 30/01/19
Consultation Response: Brexit proposed changes to the Handbook and Binding Technical Standards - first consultation 18/28 07/12/18
Consultation Response: Brexit proposed changes to the Handbook and Binding Technical Standards - second consultation CP18/36 17/12/18
Consultation Response: Bridging the gap: A level playing field for financial disputes - call for written evidence 13/06/17
Consultation Response: Building operational resilience: impact tolerances for important business services and feedback to DP18/04 21/02/20
Consultation Response: Building the UK financial sector's operation resilience 03/10/18
Consultation Response: Business Interruption Insurance (BII) test case: draft guidance for firms 08/06/20
Consultation Response: Call for evidence on a Working-age money-management commissioning plan 12/07/18
Consultation Response: Call for Input on Regulatory Barriers to Social Investments 16/03/16
Consultation Response: Call for Input Open Finance 09/04/20
Consultation Response: Call for Input: High-Cost Credit and Review of the High-Cost Short-Term Credit Price Cap 09/02/17
Consultation Response: Call for inputs on competition in the mortgage sector 22/12/15
Consultation Response: CMA Market Study on Digital Comparison Tools: Statement of Scope 14/11/16
Consultation Response: CMA Retail Banking Market Investigation: Interim Report 26/11/15
Consultation Response: CMA Retail banking market investigation: provisional decision on remedies 09/06/16
Consultation Response: CMA Retail banking market investigation: supplemental notice of possible remedies 24/03/16
Consultation Response: Confirmation of Payee - Response to the first consultation and draft specific direction for further consultation 06/06/19
Consultation Response: Consultation on the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation 04/09/18
Consultation Response: Consultation on the ICO and the Alan Turing Institute's co-badged guidance "Explaining decisions made with AI draft guidance" 29/01/20
Consultation Response: Consultation on the Money Advice Service's 2016/2017 Business Plan 26/02/16
Consultation Response: Consultation paper on Industry Codes of Conduct and Discussion Paper on FCA Principle 5 05/02/18
Consultation Response: CP 15/31 Strengthening accountability in banking and insurance: regulatory reference 14/12/15
Consultation Response: CP 15/33 Consumer Credit: proposals in response to the CMA's recommendations on high-cost short-term credit 29/01/16
Consultation Response: CP 16/12 Secondary Annuity Market - proposed rules and guidance 21/06/16
Consultation Response: CP 16/37 Implementing information prompts in the annuity market 23/02/17
Consultation Response: CP 16/7 The Payments Accounts Regulations 2015: Draft Handbook changes and draft guidance 09/05/16
Consultation Response: CP 17/18 Implementing Asset Management Market Study Remedies and Changes to Handbook 02/10/17
Consultation Response: CP 18/11 Reviewing the Funding of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) 03/08/18
Consultation Response: CP 18/13 High-cost Credit Review: Overdrafts 31/08/18
Consultation Response: CP 18/15 Claims management: how we propose to regulate claims management companies 03/08/18
Consultation Response: CP 18/15 Corporate Governance Board Responsbilities 18/09/15
Consultation Response: CP 18/17 Retirement Outcomes Review: Proposed changes to rules and guidance 09/08/18
Consultation Response: CP 18/18 Guidance on regular premium PPI complaints and recurring non-disclosure of commission 03/09/18
Consultation Response: CP 18/20: Loan Based ('peer-to-peer') and investment-based crowdfunding platforms: feedback on our post-implementation review and proposed changes to the regulatory framework 31/10/18
Consultation Response: CP 18/31: Increasing the award limit for the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) 20/12/18
Consultation Response: CP 18/33 Regular Premium PPI complaints and recurring non-disclosure of commission - Feedback on CP 18/18, final guidance, and consultation on proposed mailing requirements 07/12/18
Consultation Response: CP 18/42 High Cost Credit Review: Overdrafts Consultation Paper and Policy Statement 18/03/19
Consultation Response: CP 18/43 High Cost Credit Review Feedback on CP 18/12 with final rules and guidance and consultation on buy now pay later offers 18/03/19
Consultation Response: CP 19-28: Motor finance discretionary commission models and consumer credit commission disclosure 02/01/20
Consultation Response: CP 19/12 Consultation on Investment Platforms Market Study (IPMS) Remedies 17/06/19
Consultation Response: CP 19/14 Mortgage customers: proposed changes to responsible lending rules and guidance 26/06/19
Consultation Response: CP 19/15 Independent Governance Committees (IGCs) - Extension of Remit 16/07/19
Consultation Response: CP 19/17 Consultation on mortgage advice and selling standards 03/07/19
Consultation Response: CP 19/20 Our framework: Assessing Adequate Financial Resources 17/09/19
Consultation Response: CP 19/22 Prohibiting the sale to retail clients of investment products that reference cryptoassets 03/10/19
Consultation Response: CP 19/23 Signposting to travel insurance for consumers with medical conditions 17/09/19
Consultation Response: CP 19/3 Guidance on Cryptoassets 27/03/19
Consultation Response: CP 8/17 Strengthening accountability in banking and insurance optimisations to the SIMR, and changes to SMR forms 25/09/17
Consultation Response: CP15/39 Rules and guidance on payment protection insurance complaints 26/02/16
Consultation Response: CP16/1 consequential changes to the Senior Managers Regime 09/02/16
Consultation Response: CP16/10 Proposed Implementation of the Enforcement Review and the Green Report 14/07/16
Consultation Response: CP16/14: UCITS V Level 2 Regulation, SFTR and consequential changes to the Handbook 19/07/16
Consultation Response: CP16/20 Rules and Guidance on Payment Protection Insurance Complaints: feedback on CP15/39 and further consultation 11/10/16
Consultation Response: CP16/27 Applying conduct rules to all non-executive directors in the banking and insurance sectors 10/01/17
Consultation Response: CP16/36 - Regulatory reporting: retirement income data 20/02/17