Title Date published
Consultation Response: Joint HMT and DWP Public Financial Guidance Review: Consultation on a Single Body 13/02/17
Consultation Response: Joint HMT and DWP Pension Scams Consultation 13/02/17
Consultation Response: Access to Basic Retail Financial Services 09/02/17
Consultation Response: Call for Input: High-Cost Credit and Review of the High-Cost Short-Term Credit Price Cap 09/02/17
Consultation Response: Money Advice Service 2017/18 Business Plan 07/02/17
Consultation Response: Industry Working Group's Consultation on Improving Pension and Investment Transfers and Re-Registrations 01/02/17
Consultation Response: Financial Ombudsman Service's Business Plan and Budget 2017/18 01/02/17
Consultation Response: FCA Mission 30/01/17
Consultation Response: Handbook changes to reflect the introduction of the Lifetime ISA 30/01/17
Position Paper: Duty of Care 19/01/17
Consultation Response: MIFID II Implementation - Consultation Paper III 13/01/17
Consultation Response: Transaction cost disclosure in workplace pensions 13/01/17
Consultation Response: DP 16/4 Overall responsibility and the legal function 10/01/17
Consultation Response: CP16/27 Applying conduct rules to all non-executive directors in the banking and insurance sectors 10/01/17
Consultation Response: GC16/6 - The fair treatment of mortgage customers in payment shortfall: impact of automatic capitalisations 03/01/17
Consultation Response: DWP Consultation on the advice requirement and overseas pension transfers 21/12/16
Report: Assessing online investment and advice services by Boring Money on behalf of the Financial Services Consumer Panel 16/12/16
Position Paper: Online investment and advice services - the consumer experience 16/12/16
Consultation Response: GC16/7 - Revised proposed guidance on guarantor loans 24/11/16
Consultation Response: HM Treasury's consultation on amending the definition of financial advice 24/11/16
Consultation Response: DWP consultation on valuing pensions for the advice requirement and introducing new consumer protections 14/11/16
Consultation Response: HMT's consultation on introducing a pensions advice allowance 26/10/16
Consultation response: EIOPA Consultation on Implementing Technical Standards on a standardised presentation format of the Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) under the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) 24/10/16
Consultation Response: CMA Market Study on Digital Comparison Tools: Statement of Scope 14/11/16
Consultation Response: CP16/20 Rules and Guidance on Payment Protection Insurance Complaints: feedback on CP15/39 and further consultation 11/10/16
Consultation Response: EIOPA Consultation Paper on Technical Advice on possible delegated acts concerning the Insurance Distribution Directive 03/10/16
Research: The implications of Brexit for UK consumers of financial services: 03/10/16
Consultation Response: Pension Wise Standards: Changes for Secondary Annuity Market Guidance 05/10/16
Consultation Response: Payment Strategy Forum’s draft strategy consultation 22/09/16
Consultation Response: House of Lords Select Committee on financial exclusion 22/09/16
Consultation Response: Post-implementation review of the FCA's crowdfunding rules 09/09/16
Consultation Response: FCA Retirement Outcome Review - Terms of Reference 02/09/16
Consultation Response: DWP consultation on capping early exit charges for members of occupational pension schemes 24/08/16
Consultation Response: FCA Consultation on capping early exit pension charges 24/08/16
Consultation Response: EBA Discussion Paper on innovative uses of consumer data by financial institutions 04/08/16
Consultation Response: Help to Save: consultation on implementation 21/07/16
Consultation Response: CP16/14: UCITS V Level 2 Regulation, SFTR and consequential changes to the Handbook 19/07/16
Annual Report 2015-2016 14/07/16
Consultation Response: CP16/10 Proposed Implementation of the Enforcement Review and the Green Report 14/07/16
Consultation Response: Options to Refine the UK Competition Regime 14/07/16
Consultation Response: CP 16/12 Secondary Annuity Market - proposed rules and guidance 21/06/16
Consultation Response: ABI Consultation on simplifying language on retirement options 21/06/16
Consultation Response: CMA Retail banking market investigation: provisional decision on remedies 09/06/16
Consultation Response: Public Financial Guidance 09/06/16
Consultation Response: TR 16/2 Fair Treatment of Long-Standing customers in the Life Insurance Sector 08/06/16
Consultation Response: TPR consultation on draft DC guides – value for members draft guide 13/05/16
Consultation Response: CP 16/7 The Payments Accounts Regulations 2015: Draft Handbook changes and draft guidance 09/05/16
Consultation Response: CMA Retail banking market investigation: supplemental notice of possible remedies 24/03/16
Consultation Response: EBA/CP/2015/29 - Draft Guidelines on remuneration policies and practices related to the sale and provision of retail banking products and services 23/03/16
Consultation Response: DP 15/7 FCA Approach to SMEs as users of financial services 23/03/16
Consultation Response: Green Paper on Retail Financial Services 18/03/16
Consultation Response: GC16/2 Proposal to issue guidance on the FCA's view of enforcing security under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 16/03/16
Consultation Response: Call for Input on Regulatory Barriers to Social Investments 16/03/16
Research Paper: Banking culture - a consumer perspective 07/03/16
Position Paper: Banking Culture 07/03/16
Consultation Response: Increasing Transparency and Engagement at Renewal in GI Markets 04/03/16
Discussion Paper: Investment Costs and Charges - where are we now? 03/03/16
Research: The Drive Towards Cost Transparency in UK Pension Funds 03/03/16
Joint ESAs Discussion Paper on automation in financial advice 04/03/16
Consultation Response: CP15/39 Rules and guidance on payment protection insurance complaints 26/02/16
Consultation Response: Consultation on the Money Advice Service's 2016/2017 Business Plan 26/02/16
Consultation Response: CP16/1 consequential changes to the Senior Managers Regime 09/02/16
Call for Evidence: EU regulatory framework for financial services 29/01/16
Consultation Response: CP 15/33 Consumer Credit: proposals in response to the CMA's recommendations on high-cost short-term credit 29/01/16
Consultation Response: Joint Consultation Paper on the PRIIPs Key Information Documents 22/01/16
Consultation Response Update: CMA Retail Banking Market Investigation: further information from the Consumer Panel 29/01/16
Consultation Response: Credit Card Market Study: interim report 15/01/16
Consultation Response: CP 15/30 Pension reforms - proposed changes to our rules and guidance 17/03/16
Consultation Response: Venture Capital Funds (EuVECA) and Social Entrepreneurship Funds (EuSEF) regulations (European Commission) 05/01/16
Consultation Response: Big Data in general insurance (FCA) 04/01/16
Legislative Briefing: Recast of the Insurance Mediation Directive 15/01/15
Consultation Response: Public Financial Guidance (HM Treasury) 24/12/15
Consultation Response: Financial Advice Market Review (HM Treasury / FCA) 24/12/15
Consultation Response: Asset Management Market Study Terms of Reference (MS15/2.1) 18/12/15
Consultation Response: Call for inputs on competition in the mortgage sector 22/12/15
Consultation Response: Law Commission Consultation: Bills of Sale 14/12/15
Consultation Response: CP 15/31 Strengthening accountability in banking and insurance: regulatory reference 14/12/15
Consultation Response: Better workplace pensions: Banning member-borne commission in occupational pension schemes 01/12/15
Consultation Response: CMA Retail Banking Market Investigation: Interim Report 26/11/15
Presentation: Sue Lewis to PLSA - Pensions: the new risk landscape for DB and DC 17/11/15
Consultation Response: Quarterly Consultation No 10 Chapter 5 - Consumer Redress Schemes 06/11/15
Presentation by Caroline Barr to the Westminster Business Forum Event - Banking Reform - Culture, Competition and Financial Stability 09/11/15
Consultation Response: Implementation of UCITS V (CP15/27) 30/10/15
Consultation Response: Pension Reforms - Proposed changes to our rules and guidance - shape and scope of Retirement Outcomes Review 04/11/15
Consultation Response: Sector Review into Anti Money Laundering 26/10/15
Consultation Response: Pension Transfers and Early Exit Charges 21/10/15
Consultation Response: Cash savings remedies (CP 15/24) 16/10/15
Consultation Response: Pan-European Personal Pension Product (EIOPA) 06/10/15
Consultation Response: Pensions Tax Relief (HM Treasury) 30/09/15
Consultation Response: Smarter Consumer Communications (FCA DP15/05) 25/09/15
Consultation Response: DP15/4 General Insurance Add-ons Market Study: Remedies - Value Measures 24/09/15
Position Paper: Consumers as Co-Regulators 14/09/15
Research Paper: Empowering consumers as co-regulators 14/09/15
Consultation Response: ISA Qualifying Investments: consultation on whether to include investment based crowdfunding 18/09/15
Consultation Response: CP 18/15 Corporate Governance Board Responsbilities 18/09/15
Consultation Response: Regulatory Barriers to Innovation in Digital and Mobile Solutions 08/09/15
Inquiry Submission: Pension freedom guidance and advice (Work & Pensions Select Committee) 02/09/15
Position Paper: Duty of Care 14/08/15
Consultation Response Implementation of the EU payment accounts directive 04/08/15
Consultation Response: Technical Discussion Paper on Key Information Documents under PRIIPs (ESAs) 29/07/15