Title Date published
Consultation Response: New UK Prudential Regime for Investment Firms Discussion Paper DP20/02 25/09/20
Consultation Response: Representation to the Comprehensive Spending Review 2020 24/09/20
Consultation Response: Driving Value for Money in Pensions Consultation 21/09/20
Consultation Response: Next stage of support for consumer credit and overdraft customers 21/09/20
Consultation Response: Fairness in government debt management: a call for evidence 21/09/20
Consultation Response: CP 20/16 Debt Advice levy rates for 2020/21 21/09/20
Consultation Response: CP20/11: Complaints against the Regulators - The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Bank of England (the Bank) 15/09/20
Consultation Response: CP 20/13 Removing barriers to intra-group switching and helping borrowers with maturing interest-only and part-and-part mortgages 04/09/20
Consultation Response: Mortgages and coronavirus: Additional guidance for firms 01/09/20
Consultation Response: CP 20/10 Extending implementation deadlines for the Certification Regime and Conduct Rules 14/08/20
Consultation Response: Call for Input on ongoing support for consumers affected by coronavirus - mortgages and consumer credit 12/08/20
Consultation Response: Call for Input of the Pensions Dashboard Programme's (PDP) Working Group Papers 15/09/20
Consultation Response: GC 20/2 Branch and ATM closures or conversions 30/07/20
Consultation Response: Advising on Pension Transfers GC20/1 15/09/20
Consultation Response: To the Updated Guidance for Insurance and Premium Finance Firms: Coronavirus and Customers in Financial Difficulty 15/09/20
Consultation Response: Updated Guidance for Insurance and Premium Finance Firms: Coronavirus and Customers in Financial Difficulty 12/08/20
Annual Report 2019-2020 27/07/20
Research Paper: The pros and cons of a private right of action for consumers in light of evidence from other sectors and countries 23/07/20
Consultation response: FCA proposals to further support motor finance and high-cost credit customers 06/07/20
Discussion Paper: Digital Advertising in Financial Services 01/07/20
Consultation Response: Financial Services Consumer Panel response to FCA proposals to further support consumer credit consumers 22/06/20
Consultation Response: Response to "Coronavirus and Safeguarding Customers' funds: proposed guidance for payment firms" 08/06/20
Consultation Response: Business Interruption Insurance (BII) test case: draft guidance for firms 08/06/20
Consultation Response: Response to Mortgages and Coronavirus: updated draft guidance for firms 27/05/20
Consultation Response: Response to the FCA's draft guidance for insurance and premium finance firms: Coronavirus and customers in financial difficulty 13/05/20
Consultation Response: FCA Proposals to Help Motor Finance and High Cost Credit Customers During Covid 19 Crisis 21/04/20
Consultation Response: DP 20/1 Transforming Culture in Financial Services - Driving Purposeful Culture 14/04/20
Consultation Response: FCA Proposals for temporary measures to support users of certain consumer credit products during Covid-19 crisis 09/04/20
Consultation Response: Call for Input Open Finance 09/04/20
Consultation Response: Building operational resilience: impact tolerances for important business services and feedback to DP18/04 21/02/20
Consultation Response: The Financial Ombudsman Service Strategic Plans and Budget for 2020/2021 05/02/20
Consultation Response: Consultation on the ICO and the Alan Turing Institute's co-badged guidance "Explaining decisions made with AI draft guidance" 29/01/20
Consultation Response: CP 19-28: Motor finance discretionary commission models and consumer credit commission disclosure 02/01/20
Consultation Response: Response to the General Insurance Mark Study Interim Report MS18/1.2 18/11/19
FCA Annual Public Meeting July 2019 - Wanda Goldwag Transcript 06/11/19
Consultation Response: Response to CP 19/25 Pension Transfer Advice: Contingent Charging 31/10/19
Consultation Response: Financial Services Future Regulatory Framework Review Call for Evidence: Regulatory Coordination 21/10/19
Consultation Response: Quarterly Consultation No 25 CP 19/27 Chapter 8 Lending Standards Board FCA Code Recognition 09/10/19
Consultation Response: Response to the Effective Competition in Non-Workplace Pensions (NWPs) Feedback Statement (FS 19/5) 08/10/19
Consultation Response: GC 19/3 Guidance for firms on the fair treatment of vulnerable customers 07/10/19
Consultation Response: CP 19/22 Prohibiting the sale to retail clients of investment products that reference cryptoassets 03/10/19
Consultation Response: FSCP response to the Insolvency Service's Call for Evidence: Regulation of Insolvency Practitioners' Review of Current Regulatory Landscape 07/10/19
Consultation Response: CP 19/20 Our framework: Assessing Adequate Financial Resources 17/09/19
Consultation Response: CP 19/23 Signposting to travel insurance for consumers with medical conditions 17/09/19
Consultation Response: PSR CP 19/6 - Call for views on insights from research into cash access, use and acceptance 06/09/19
Consultation Response: Financial Ombudsman Service's (FOS) Funding Consultation 13/08/19
Consultation Response: Intergenerational Differences 05/02/20
Publication Response: Smart Data: Putting Consumers in control of their data and enabling innovation 05/02/20
Consultation Response: 19/18 Overdraft Pricing Remedies & Competition Remedies 05/08/19
Annual Report 2018-2019 29/07/19
Consultation Response: MS 19/1.1 Credit Information Market Study - Terms of Reference 30/07/19
Consultation Response: CP 19/15 Independent Governance Committees (IGCs) - Extension of Remit 16/07/19
Consultation Response: TR19/2: General Insurance Distribution Chain (GIDC) guidance 09/07/19
Consultation Response: CP 19/17 Consultation on mortgage advice and selling standards 03/07/19
Consultation Response: CP 19/14 Mortgage customers: proposed changes to responsible lending rules and guidance 26/06/19
Position Paper: The Case for Automatic Upgrades 25/06/19
Research Paper: Automatic Upgrades Research Paper 25/06/19
Consultation Response: CP 19/12 Consultation on Investment Platforms Market Study (IPMS) Remedies 17/06/19
Consultation Response: Confirmation of Payee - Response to the first consultation and draft specific direction for further consultation 06/06/19
Consultation Response: Response to the review of RDR and FAMR call for input 04/06/19
Consultation Response: DP 19/1 Building a Regulatory Framework for Effective Stewardship 29/04/19
Consultation Response: FSCP Response to CP 19/08: General Insurance (GI) Value Measures Reporting 25/04/19
Consultation Response: Response to CP 19/05 Retirement Outcomes Review: Investment Pathways and other proposed changes to rules and guidance 05/04/19
Consultation Response: CP 19/3 Guidance on Cryptoassets 27/03/19
Consultation Response: CP 18/42 High Cost Credit Review: Overdrafts Consultation Paper and Policy Statement 18/03/19
Consultation Response: CP 18/43 High Cost Credit Review Feedback on CP 18/12 with final rules and guidance and consultation on buy now pay later offers 18/03/19
Consultation Response: DP 18/9: Fair Pricing in Financial Services 15/02/19
Consultation Response: Financial Ombudsman Service strategic plans and budget for 2019/2020 07/02/19
Consultation Response: Breathing space scheme: consultation on a policy proposal 30/01/19
Consultation Response: DWP's Pension Dashboard Feasibility Report Consultation 30/01/19
Consultation Response: CP18/35 rent to own and alternatives to high cost credit - feedback on CP18/22 and consultation on a price cap 17/01/19
Consultation Response: CP 18/31: Increasing the award limit for the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) 20/12/18
Consultation Response: Brexit proposed changes to the Handbook and Binding Technical Standards - second consultation CP18/36 17/12/18
Consultation Response: Treasury Committee Inquiry on Consumers' Access to Financial Services 14/12/18
Consultation Response: Temporary permissions regime for inbound firms and funds CP 18/29 07/12/18
Consultation Response: Brexit proposed changes to the Handbook and Binding Technical Standards - first consultation 18/28 07/12/18
Consultation Response: CP 18/33 Regular Premium PPI complaints and recurring non-disclosure of commission - Feedback on CP 18/18, final guidance, and consultation on proposed mailing requirements 07/12/18
Consultation Response: General Insurance (GI) Pricing Practices Terms of Reference (ToRs) 06/12/18
Consultation Response: Response to the APP Scams Steering Group Draft Contingent Reimbursement Model Code Consultation Paper 29/11/18
Research Paper: Populus research into individuals’ and small business customers’ experiences with their financial services providers, and their views on a duty of care 02/11/18
Consultation Response: DP 18/5 Discussion Paper on a duty of care and potential alternative approaches 05/11/18
Consultation Response: DP 18/7 Review of retained provisions of the Consumer Credit Act: Interim report 05/11/18
Consultation Response: CP 18/21: General standards and communication rules for the payment services and e-money sectors 31/10/18
Consultation Response: DP 18/6: Price discrimination in the cash savings market 31/10/18
Consultation Response: CP 18/20: Loan Based ('peer-to-peer') and investment-based crowdfunding platforms: feedback on our post-implementation review and proposed changes to the regulatory framework 31/10/18
Consultation Response: CP18/25: Approach to final Regulatory Technical Standards and EBA guidelines under the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) 17/10/18
Consultation Response: 'Loyalty penalty' super-complaint 15/10/18
Consultation Response: Introduction to the Directory 09/10/18
Consultation Response: Building the UK financial sector's operation resilience 03/10/18
Consultation Response: PRIIPs Regulation Call for Input - initial experiences with the new requirements 01/10/18
Consultation Response: PRIPS Regulation Call for Input - initial experiences with the new requirements 01/10/18
Consultation Response: Access to Cash Review's call for evidence 28/09/18
Consultation Response: Authorised push payment fraud - extending the jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service 27/09/18
Consumer Panel Chair Advertisement 21/09/18
Consultation Response: Investment platforms market study interim report 27/09/18
Research Paper: Understanding the Protection Gap 06/09/18
Discussion Paper: Understanding the Protection Gap 06/09/18
Consultation Response: Proposed changes to our rules and guidance - Retirement Outcome Review (CP18/17) 07/09/18
Consultation Response: Consultation on the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation 04/09/18
Consultation Response: Work and Pensions Committee's inquiry on pension costs and transparency 04/09/18