Lindsey Rogerson

Panel memberWhat she does outside the Panel

Lindsey is a freelance financial journalist, and currently writes for The Herald, Sunday Herald and The National, as well as contributing to other publications and websites, including her columns at Aurora Magazine and Moneymagpie. 

Positions held in the past

After studying political economy and history at the University of Glasgow, Lindsey did a postgraduate degree at Cardiff School of Journalism. Unlike many of her contemporaries there, she always wanted to focus on financial journalism. She went on to be Personal Finance Editor of The Scotsman and editor of Private Banker International. She was named as European Private Equity Journalist of the Year in 2005. 

Reasons for joining the Panel

In her work as a journalist, Lindsey noticed that those people who go to a newspaper with their problems with financial services firms often have their issues addressed quickly. Realising that many other people don't have the confidence to enlist the help of the media, Lindsey became interested in the work of the FSA and joined the Panel in 2006.

Areas of particular interest on the Panel

While she is interested in all the issues the Panel covers, Lindsey particularly sees her work with the FSA as a way to help connect with those audiences who are detached from the financial system for example, women in their mid-to late-thirties who don't have pensions or any engagement with financial services. She is also interested how children are educated about finance and in Islamic finance, a subject on which she writes regularly.


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